We’re a digital design and innovation studio founded in 2001



We help organisations transform and grow their business by staying relevant to consumers in a fast and ever-changing world. We create value and impact through design of meaningful digital product- and service experiences. We're a digital acceleration partner. 


“Apegroup exists in order to push boundaries. We help organisations discover new value through digitalisation, to grow and stay relevant in an ever changing and fast moving environment..”

Jonas Wikström, Founder and Technical Designer


“Our passion is to improve the day-to-day life of ordinary people through exceptional and meaningful digital products and service experiences. Every experience counts when you want to transform and grow a business through digital”

Anders Graffman, Founder and Business Designer


Short facts

17 years in the making

Partner led and employee owned

40+ design, tech and business experts

Name originally A.P.E (Aestetically Pleasing Electronics)