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About Us

We’re a Stockholm based digital studio dedicated to helping your business do great things. We change, build and run digital business, products and content. Since the start in 2001 we’ve been part of more than 100 digital initiatives helping brands grow, creating value and increasing profit for clients like McDonald’s, ICA, Hemnet, MTG, Fortum, TV4, IKEA and Söderberg & Partners.


Why go Ape?

Well there are plenty of good reasons. Let’s just keep it short and sweet shall we? Here it is, the Quattro Stagioni of why you should go Ape.


We drive growth 

Growing your audience and their engagement is a long game, not something you can fix in the blink of an eye. Watch out for all the growth hacking snake oil out there. We keep an eye on the data and understand user needs. Incrementally fixing underperforming parts of your product keeps mayhem at an arms length. 

Growing McDonald's user base for 7 years


We increase profit

Making sure you are doing the right thing for the right customers is difficult, but key to keeping your business profitable. We can help you identify which efforts will yield the biggest results and release it fast.

Increasing conversion for Fortum


We create long term value

We put the user first because happy users are valuable users. But our idea of value isn’t just about users. It’s also about building capability, technical infrastructure and transferring knowledge within your organisation. 

Decreasing minutes on the phone for HLL


We got em all

For every project we do, we always involve a senior designer, developer and business designer. We've always been all about the magic that happens when you cross beautiful design with robust technology and a business sense. 

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Ape in numbers

– Organisation number 556885-8384
– 52 employees currently
– Organisation of 4 departments: design, technology, support, business design
– Turnover of slightly north of 50 millions annually
– 1 office in Luma, Hammarby Sjöstad
– Apegroup is 25% owned by it’s employees under the company Apegroup International


Have a project in mind?


No matter what your project is, it has to start somewhere. We have a flexible process that will help you get from questions to fully fledged products, and everything in between. Depending on the project, we can mix and match different steps, and we’ll always recommend what's best for you. Come grab a cup of coffee and we’ll discuss what type of projects will suit your needs. 

Let’s create something magical together


50 makers who love all things digital

We may have our roots in mobile, but we believe in building sustainable ecosystems that span across many touch-points and technical platforms. We’ve never been just about technology, or just about design - but about the sweet spot of possibilities between design, technology and data.