A great place to work


Apegroup is a Stockholm-based digital agency dedicated to change, build and run digital businesses, products and content. We’ve never been just about technology, or just about design - but about the sweet spot of possibilities between design, technology and data.

We’re made up of 40 people of all ages and in a marvellous mix between coders, designers and business people. We’re all from different backgrounds and different parts of the world. But what we all share is a passion for doing great digital work.



Apart from great and active colleagues and innovative client work, we're offering a number of perks. Here’s a few.

  • Monday Breakfasts - to start your week in the best way possible
  • Sharpening Fridays - time outside regular client projects to invest in yourself
  • Beer bash - a stacked beer fridge on Fridays
  • Yay day! - a day off on your birthday
  • Great paus-activities - like ping-pong, pool table or X-box
  • Deals at SATS gym
  • Typical Swedish perks like Tjänstepension, Friskvårdsbidrag and extra Semesterlön
  • MacBook and phone of your choice


Current openings


Web Developer

We are now looking for Web developers who are not only incredible programmers but thrive in challenging environments and enjoy participating in the full evolution of a project. You need at least two years work experience using a front end framework such as AngularJS, or ReactJS and a deep and current knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Business Design Director

Are you passionate about making a better tomorrow? Making everyday tasks, experiences and interactions easier, better and more meaningful? If you want to be part of solving important dynamic challenges and make a difference in the world around you – please read on.

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We talk about stuff

Re:Design is a podcast in Swedish about all things design. It’s the only podcast about digital design in Sweden. Nils, Linnéa, Ola and Marcus have recorded and released over 45 episodes over the course of two years. Subscribe at www.designpodcast.se


Crash Course

Crash Course är en mini-serie på 12 avsnitt riktat till nya designers, men vi tror det finns någonting att lära sig för alla som lyssnar. Nils och Linnea går igenom grunderna, förklarar ord vi ofta slänger oss med och delar med oss av lite handfasta råd. Det kommer ett nytt avsnitt varje vecka.


Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product är något som beställare gärna säger men inte fullt greppar vad det är. Nils Marcus och Linnea reder ut vad som gör en MVP och hur man ska tänka när man designar.


Branding & Material Design

Viktor Balkewitsch Persson är lead designer på Google där han har varit med och tagit fram Material Design och ingick i teamet som tog fram Googles nya logga. Vi pratar med honom om branding och frågar honom hur han (och lite Google) ser på branding i digitala produkter.


We write stuff

People who write well think well is something we all believe over here. Whether it’s user stories or articles on Medium or LinkedIn we like to communicate in written words. Head over to Medium to read all our articles.


Design Principles: a guide to less shitty feedback

With over 15,000 views this is our most read article of last year. Our UX designer Linnéa explain why design principles are a great way to ensure your team give great feedback.


5 Actual Web Designs Trends for 2016

This is our most read text of all time (over 110,000 views to date). Whenever your read an article listing trends their always a disappointment. Our Design Director Nils Sköld list five actual trends that are all still relevant today.


Let’s talk about conversational interfaces

Years before chatbots and conversational interfaces became a thing our Design Director Ola Laurin wrote a text about it in this thought provoking piece.


We do experiments

We like to try things and relase them in the wild. Sometimes we fail miserably and sometimes we get it right. Here’s some of our experiments.


Super HUD

An open source project for an iOS heads up display



We host hackathons where we teach kids how to code


Building robots is fun

Watch us build a dance robot


IOT around the office

Of course we have a smart mirror here


Bike navigator

We love prototyping with hardware, and bikes!