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Avanza knew they had problems with their app since it didn't meet their customers expectations. After the first release the app had home into hibernation and had not been worked on or polished in a while. Since the client had most of the resources needed for a fix-up in-house they reached out to us to get help solely on the design of the product. Together with the Avanza people we set out to redesign the app from scratch.

This was a long awaited and much anticipated redesign of Avanza Banks existing iOS application. A lot of new awesome features that help you keep track of your savings, follow the progress of your securities and get the latest news. The stand out feature for this release was that customers now can buy or sell shares directly from their mobile phone.


The design

We wanted to create a modern, clean and long lasting design for the product while still maintaining coherency between the Avanza brand and the other products across multiple platforms. A big part of the design process was visual hierarchy, to make sure that prioritised information was highlighted in an obvious way.


The technology

The app was developed in-house by the Avanza team for iPhone and later Android. We worked in close collaboration with the development team to make sure our delivery was exactly what they needed. This was before Zeplin, Invision and other great products made it to the scene so the outcome was a fancy 20 page PDF file. Old school baby.


The Avanza app had quite poor user ratings before the redesign, a but after the app was released that changed over night. 2 months after the release of the new app the average rating was 4.5 stars out of 5 on the App Store. Happy customers are long term customers.