We create value and impact through design of meaningful digital product and service experiences


We discover value

Accelerating innovation and value creation

We define experiences

Bridging the gap between vision and execution

We drive growth

Improving customer experiences over time


Prototyping the future workplace

Helping IKEA transition to activity based workplace one digital prototype and design sprint at the time.

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"Their hands-on approach and way of engaging people went well beyond the actual project stakeholders and proved very efficient"

Mats Wåhlander,
Innovation Leader, IKEA Group



"Our work together with Apegroup have always been stellar. Every step, from the MVP to what the product does today, have been great"

Karolina Danielsson Reisler,
Online Services Manager, Fortum Markets



McNavigating towards a global mobile application

We have worked closely with McDonald’s since 2009, from production company on a national level to strategic digital partner on a global level.

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“They listen, they question, they develop an understanding of our needs and then they are relentless in their pursuit of excellence”

Richard Murphy, CVP Digital,
McDonald's Corporation