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Accelerating innovation and value creation


Business design

We know that a strategy is worth nothing until it’s implemented. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to your business problems. Digital initiatives should be informed by solid insights. We work hands on with our clients to understand their current situation, covering customer and user needs, business goals as well as technical and organisational capabilities.


Activities and deliverables

Business model canvas, value proposition canvas, goals and metrics, product road map, vision storyboards.


Service design

We look at the whole picture to make sure that all your products work together and enables your customer to move seamlessly from one touchpoint to another. Your digital ecosystem must strive towards becoming a connected system, that serves your customers the best they can as effectively as possible.


Activities and deliverables:

Impact mapping, service blueprints, user journeys, user research.


Concept creation

A concept is the only sensible step between having an idea and actually investing time and money in it. Your idea is really just a guess until it’s been tested. Why bet on a guess? Get quick answers with prototypes instead.  At the end you’ll know what works, what doesn’t and what you need to do in order to turn it into reality.


Activities and deliverables:

Co-collaboration workshops and ideations, target user definitions, design principles, mood board, key screens, user tested prototypes.

IKEA is known to man, woman and child as the world's largest furniture retailer. We were asked to investigate new digital possibilities for their IKEA World of Working Office. Our work resulted in several digital prototypes that will improve the everyday life of IKEA co-workers.
See case.


Our innovation process


1. Research

We listen to you, study your business, interview your users and look at your data. Talking to users and stakeholders help us gather insights. We compare today with your goals, find possibilities and create hypotheses for how to get you there. We prioritise according to what will give you the most bang for the buck right now.


2. Ideate and prototype

Creative work mixed with workshops where we let a number of directions take form. These are prioritized together and results in user scenarios. We design a coherent user flow with a couple of key screens and put them into a prototype. This prototype exemplifies the gist of the service.


3. Validate

User testing the prototype gives us insights not available to us otherwise. These insights guide our iterations of the product until it’s perfect, or as good as it needs to be. All insights are documented and presented at the end of the project.