Building one of Sweden's  first play services


Modern Times Group (MTG) is an international entertainment broadcasting group with operations that span four continents and include TV, radio and content production businesses. In 2013 MTG came to us with the vision of one single app to rule them all. The latest release encompasses all the MTG channels (TV3, TV6, TV8 and TV10) in one neat app! This gives great opportunities to discover new content without having to switch between different apps. 

How do we bring TV to the consumers’ pockets? The TV is dead. Long Live the TV. Entertainment has become portable. Users demand access to content wherever they are and around the clock. Another challenge for MTG is the need to rollout fast on many different markets.


One of the greatest features of the app is it's scalability. We can rollout in new markets in less than two weeks. Something that has been greatly appreciated by users in new countries. Most recently Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria. From February 2014 it is also possible to watch content from all the channels in one single app. 

We also launched ViaPlay, a version of our popular Play service focusing just on electronic sports (video gaming). Now you can follow pro gamers in the main leagues around the world


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