Mobile e-commerce


The client

NetOnNet has a simple mission: to sell consumer electronics at lower prices than in ordinary shops. In the beginning, they only existed on the Internet and sold their products directly from store shelves. Later on they opened remote outlet shops with the same low prices as online.


How to fit a warehouse into a mobile phone?

A large portion of the total traffic to came from mobile devices. Unfortunately, they also lost a lot of users coming this way. The explanation was plain and simple: the shopping experience was not made for these devices in terms of service design and mobile usability. So, they decided to be the absolute leader of m-Commerce in the electronics industry.


The challenge

Many e-Commerce operations focuses their transactions on purchaces only. However, looking at the complete costumer journey, there are both costumer needs and great business oppertunities after a purchase is made. Let alone the value of a loyal costumer.

So, we hooked up with NetOnNets online force team to gather information from the different stakeholders in the organisation – Marketing, IT, Sales and Costumer service. From a series of workshops, we then mapped out the current customer experience to be able to design for the mobile user.


The solution

NetOnNet decided to make a mobile web and mobile applications for both iOS and Android. To reach a high level of user experience, we were able to display relevant content, based on earlier behavior through a personal account. And to close the deal as smooth as possible, we implemented an outstanding check-out solution called “one click buy”. Now there is also a seamless experience between the web, the mobile web and the applications.


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