A coherent design system across platforms

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SAS is the largest airline in Scandinavia and carries close to 28 million passengers yearly. With the use of digital devices soaring when travelling, SAS is aiming to provide best value for time and money to travellers across all those interactions – whether on- or offline.


The problem

With many airlines having explored the mobile playground before, SAS was determined to take the best from those learnings, latest technology and user behaviour. Aiming for a service that is immediate, reliable and offering relevant help throughout your journey – it was critical to design for a simple interface that can integrate all the complex systems in the back.


The solution

One tap access to every stage of your journey. Both an iOS and Android app that offer the user the opportunity to get the best of SAS service wherever they are, and cover the most urgent needs in this first release. While laying the ground work for more inspirational sections coming up, the app already helps passengers manage their booking and keep track of their own or other's flight status. Most critical for passenger and ultimately the business however are the integration with check-in and booking systems, with the simplest interface possible: you can even partially pay your flights with your EB points.