Mobile gym class booking 


With over 100 centers in Norway, Sweden and Finland, 270 000 members and 13 million visits annually SATS is uniquely positioned to deliver on its mission - to improve everyday life through regular exercise. We designed and built their mobile app that let their customers book classes, plus a lot more


The challenge

SATS has a large base of passionate members. Some of them struggle to stick to their workout, others get help from personal trainers to set goals and follow up on them. The latter group is much more likely to stay motivated, and so we set out to bring this guidance to all SATS members via a mobile application.


The solution

We were able to create a central workout hub by bringing their complete workout history, at or outside the gym, together with upcoming bookings and weekly targets into one single overview. Add to this a nutrition guide and the SATS members have a holistic approach for understanding and getting the most out of their workout.



Downloads in the first 5 months after launch reached 400 000 on iOS and close to 120 000 for Android, occupying top spots in the app store charts for many weeks!


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