A home planning tool for the iPad


Skanska is a multinational construction and development company with 57 000 employees spanning Europe, the US and Latin America. One of Skanska's core businesses is residential development and in the Nordic markets Skanska is a well known actor in the new homes segment.

Paper brochures and pamphlets have been the traditional means of marketing and selling a home in the past. While better suited for existing homes where a physical visit is possible, the paper media is quite limited and it is a challenge for the future homeowners to visualize how an empty space of land will become a full fledged future home. For the sales people at Skanska the challenges are exactly the same, i mean how do you really sell a plot of dirt?


The solution

Having seen that traditional web browser plugins were too fragmented when it came to 3D visualization, the standardized hardware and software platform of the iPad proved to be the perfect medium for taking a technological leap in the residential sales area.

Utilizing Unity, one of the most widely used 3D game engines, apegroup took on the task of forming an app that would be both an important tool for the Skanska sales people as well as an inspiring experience for the future home owner. Apegroup's seamless integration of an innovative 2D user interface with dynamic 3D content makes the app Skanska's most powerful residential sales tool to date.

The user can in 3D navigate between floors and apartments in the building and take 3D tours in a fully furnished apartment. In the 3D tour mode the user can also change materials on the fly to see what the apartment looks like with a variety of different floor choices, kitchen sinks, bathroom tiles or any other material choices that are typically customizable during the sales process.

And last but not least the user can now throw away drawings and furniture measurements. In the Skanska app the user can freely place a selection of typical furniture to ensure that the bedroom is large enough for a king size bed and be confident that there really is space enough for that favorite old comfy sofa in the new home!


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