Deals and discounts for students

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Studentkortet is a company with the mission of helping university students with their everyday life. The service is mainly centered around giving them great deals that  help them get more for their money. Studentkortet offers both local and digital deals, meaning students can get better deals on everything from their everyday coffee to the course literature they buy online.


Our biggest challenge in this project was the huge amount of offers. How could we help users find what they were looking for while at the same time make it easy to browse the offers? The second challenge was to design a service that had some coolness to it. Students are a picky target group with high expectations and lots of experience of well designed services. They would expect nothing less from the Studentkortet app.


Studentkortet asked us to redesign their  app for Android and iPhone. The goal was to create a better user experience and increase the amount of offers that were redeemed. They also wanted to be less dependent on selling ads. The new apps also had to align with a recent rebranding.

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After the new app was launched conversion more than doubled and basically everyone over at Studentkortet are billionaires now. Good for them.